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About Yan

With a keen sense of justice and access to justice, it was an obvious choice to study a Bachelor of Humanities & Social Sciences (Politics) and Bachelor of Laws, at the University of Adelaide, then to be admitted to practise law in 2005. 


Working as a duty solicitor, provided the realisation that ‘reputation is so important, everything you do either builds or subtracts from your reputation’.  Having built a reputation of efficiently providing considered and ardent submissions on behalf of custodies, I was approached to join a suburban firm to take on the extensive file load of the name partner, who had 3 days’ notice to commence being a Magistrate.  The exposure to high volume files and various legal matters across all criminal jurisdictions, brought the next realisation, ‘I can do this better, myself’.


As such after 7 years employment in various roles in Legal Services Commission, and only 10 months in private practise, in July 2010 Yan Robson Barrister & Solicitor was established.  The first year in business, saw a move from manual trust accounting to a legal software computerised system from that advancement, there has been a continual evolution every opportunity that arises to maximise efficiency.  Having been in the legal profession since 2002, the greatest issue that continues to vex the Justice system is the inefficiencies.  Knowing this to be the reality of the situation, Yan Robson Barrister & Solicitor strives to be as efficient as possible in administration, to work hard to obtain as much information as possible from Prosecution quickly, then analyse such and where appropriate to negotiate the best possible outcome.


Consistently attending Court knowing the files, having signed instructions, in-depth knowledge of the law, extensive adaptation to the systems in Prosecution and Courts creates a reputation of reliability, sound knowledge and respected advocacy.  Operating a boutique law firm enables a high commitment to ethical standards, professionalism and personalised service to clients.  My clients benefit from the reputation I have built by fearless advocacy to protect my clients’ reputations.  The impact the criminal justice system can have on a client and their family is at the forefront of my holistic and empathetic approach.

If my approach appeals to you, use the web portal to enquire.

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