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My Story So Far...

I completed a double degree of Bachelor of Arts (Politics) in 2002 and Bachelor of Laws in 2005 at the University of Adelaide.  

As an Aboriginal and being aware of social injustices, access to justice is an important element of my sole practice. 

During my study I undertook an Indigenous cadetship with the Legal Services Commission of South Australia for three years.  After graduating from the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice I was admitted as a barrister and solicitor in the Supreme Court of South Australia in 2005.

I have been a member of the Law Society of South Australia since 2004, a board member of Tandanya (the National Aboriginal Cultural Institute) in 2012 and 2013, a member of Women Lawyers Association of South Australia and a member of Women’s Legal Services (SA) Inc in 2013.
My legal career began as a Legal Advisor for more than three years giving legal advice in areas of criminal law, family law and some areas of civil law. This included gaining experience in the Migration section of Legal Services. Through my dedication and capability I was approached to become a duty solicitor.  The duty solicitor role promotes efficiency, advocacy and builds a good working relationship with Prosecution  and Magistrates; as well as the opportunity to gain experience in  running  criminal defence files.

I acted as a criminal defence duty solicitor for over a year in Adelaide Magistrates Court; Port Adelaide Magistrates Court and primarily in the Elizabeth Magistrates Court.  In this position I offered criminal law advice and assisted the Court with facilitating bail applications and guilty pleas for people in custody.  
A named partner of a busy reputable law firm requested me to replace him; as he was leaving his 30 year role as partner and founder of that law firm to become a Magistrate.  This upward career step involved taking over conduct of about 250 clients with various criminal law matters; in the Supreme Court; District Court; Magistrates Court, including regional courts and Youth Courts.  Having experienced private practice in such an intensive role, I decided to begin my sole practice: Yan Robson Barrister & Solicitor on 26 July 2010.

Since 2010 Yan Robson Barrister & Solicitor has grown in reputation into a busy sole practice with my commitment to representing clients with the utmost professionalism and skill for reasonable legal fees.

With extensive experience in representing clients at trial, submissions for a guilty plea, bail applications and appeals, I am skilled in firmly advocating for clients' best interests during proceedings.
Yan Robson Barrister & Solicitor has earned a reputable place in Adelaide as a reliable practice that has effectively negotiated with Police prosecutors, prosecutors from the Director of Public Prosecutions and Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.  My experience has seen me deal successfully with a broad range of matters from driving offences to murder. (Please see the page ‘Types of criminal offences’ for a detailed list.)

I pride myself on getting to know my clients to ensure that the Court is dealing with the defendant as a person.  At all times clients are clearly communicated to about the Court processes so that they are well informed about the legal proceedings in which they find themselves.  My clients are well advised of the various possible outcomes, with the best interest of the client always being the ultimate outcome.

I usually charge on the Magistrates Court scale for Magistrates Court matters and on the Supreme Court scale for District and Supreme Court matters.  Fees are advised upfront in writing as an initial fee, should further fees need to be paid in more complex matters clients are well advised prior to incurring further costs.  I can provide representation on an agreed fee basis, even when Legal Aid has been refused. Where ever possible clients’ legal costs are recovered from SAPOL upon successful withdrawal of charges and/or finding of not guilty after trials.
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